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Alterdesk develops a white label communication platform and was the parent company of Zaurus – an eHealth company developing digital consulting rooms and digital assistants for the healthcare market, now part of the Enovation Group.

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Alterdesk’s story

The Alterdesk communication platform was conceived based on the notion that chaotic email conversations and insecure communication tools should no longer be an issue in this day and age. Our platform provides messaging and video calling functionalities, taking into account both data privacy and security.

We provide our platform as a white label solution to larger organisations – some of our current clients include KPN, the largest telecom provider in the Netherlands.

In 2019, Alterdesk launched its subsidiary called Zaurus. Zaurus services approximately 200 healthcare organisations with their digital consulting rooms and digital assistants. As of October 2021, Zaurus was acquired by the Enovation Group.

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